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Columbus, Ohio USA

Carey Hodovanich is from Columbus, Ohio and grew up dancing at Dublin Dance Center. She trained in many styles, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern.

She pursued higher education at the University of Alabama, graduating in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. During her time at the University of Alabama, she studied under Qianping Guo, Rita Snyder, Lawrence Jackson, and Sarah M. Barry, as well as performed in works staged by James Jordan, Lauren Giordano Whittington, and Mikhail Ilyin. Notable roles include soloist in Todd Bolender’s fifth movement of Voyager, soloist in Shumann’s Sonatas, and ensemble member in the first collegiate staging of Gus Giordano’s Sing Sing Sing.

Since joining Ballet Pensacola in 2021, Carey has danced featured roles such as the Snow Queen and the Arabian Pas de Deux in the Nutcracker, Carlotta in Darren McIntyre’s The Phantom of the Opera, and Hermia in Darren McIntyre’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She also performed as the Crystal Fountain Fairy and Cinderella in Stéphano Candreva’s The Sleeping Beauty.

In addition to dancing with the company, Carey has also had the privilege of teaching ballet and jazz to Ballet Pensacola’s academy students since 2022.

The 2024-2025 season will be Carey’s fourth season with Ballet Pensacola and she is looking forward to another amazing season!

“I dance because I love the structure and routine that comes with the art form. While the specific movements and details change day to day, I enjoy being able to walk into the studio knowing more or less what to expect. Truthfully, I am a creature of habit and being able to focus my energy on exploring the artistic, emotional side of dance without dwelling on the technical aspects has not only improved my dancing, but my confidence outside of the studio as well. That being said, I also love the fact that every day in the studio is not exactly the same. There is always a move to work on, a technical aspect to improve, or a detail that needs just a little more attention. You aren't ever going to do choreography or a combination the same exact way, and I enjoy getting to experience all the new and different moments in the movement.”

Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio USA 

One Word to Describe Why I Dance: "Discipline" 

Favorite Color: Light Blue 

Favorite Role danced: The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker 

Dream Role: Swanhilda, Coppelia 

Favorite Choreographer: Andrew Winghart 

Favorite Traditional Ballet: Don Quixote 

Favorite Cuisine / Dish: sushi and pad thai (the spicier, the better!) 

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy reading mystery/thriller novels. I am also really into plants. I have 11 plants, one of which I've managed to keep alive since my senior year of high school. 

Fun Fact About Me: Before deciding to pursue a career in ballet, I initially went to college to be a Civil Engineer. 

What Would You Like the Audience/Community to Gain from Your Performances: I want the audience to leave a performance with the desire to go do something that makes them happy. Doing the things that make you happy is so important; for me, getting to dance and perform makes me the happiest. I hope that some of the joy I feel when I am on stage resonates with the audience and inspires them to take the time out of their day to do something that also brings them joy.