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Hannah Pidgeon

Hannah Pidgeon

Houston, TX

Hannah is a classical ballet trained dancer for over 19 years. She grew up in Houston, TX, trained under Victoria Vittum and Barbara LeGault with Houston Repertoire ballet in her youth and teen years. This provided her the opportunity to perform many lead roles in stage productions in a pre-professional setting.

Houston Ballet also provided Hannah with training experience during this time. After high school graduation, she began her transition into a professional company, training with the Louisville Ballet’s studio company for three years under the direction of Robert Curran, where she gained knowledgeable Corps de Ballet experience along with unique contemporary works.

Directly after, Hannah began her own journey as a freelance ballet dancer with hopes to incorporate a new inspiration of exploration to her art.

She joined Ballet Pensacola’s team in the winter of 2024, and is more than excited to start her second season with them while living her dream life of performing on stage, being apart of their beautifully established productions.

Dancer name: Hannah Pidgeon

Place of birth: Houston, TX

One word to describe why I dance: Liberating

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Role Danced: Snow Queen Pas de Daux

Dream Role: the Cigarette Variation from the Ballet Suite en Blanc.

Favorite Choreographer: Andy Schermoly

Favorite Traditional Ballet: La Bayadère

Favorite Cuisine/ Dish: Sushi

Favorite Hobby: Traveling, Exploring the world around me

A Fun Fact about me: I read Tarot Cards professionally!

A short paragraph why you dance/ what you feel when you dance:

I dance to feel free. I love how we can create movement and countless different shapes with our own vessels, to not only release endorphins and balance out lifestyle wellness, but also for the encouragement of pushing our bodies as tools. I love experimenting with the art of movement to music, and the limitations of physical anatomy. I have always danced ever since I learned to walk as a child, my passion for music must be met with the art of motion.

What would you like your audience/ community to gain from your performances:

Music can be a very important tool to heal. When matched with movement from the soul, magic can truly happen. I hope to reveal the concept that our bodies are capable of many possibilities when the mind is connected to it, with determination and will power. Dancing pops the question of while every detail being important when connecting each instrument of your body to the motion, does the limit really exist? I would love for the audience to dive deeper into what the art means for them individually, as providing a certain feeling you can only get when music and choreography is combined.