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Stéphano Candreva

Stéphano Candreva

Artistic Director

Stéphano Candreva is a multifaceted artist whose journey in the world of dance has been defined by passion, dedication and artistic innovation. Born and raised in Brazil, Stéphano received his foundational training at the esteemed Studio de Dança Com-Passos and later graduated from the Escola de Dança Alice Arja in Rio de Janeiro. His early talent and potential were evident from the outset, leading to scholarships at renowned international summer programs, including Miami City Ballet and Milwaukee Ballet.                                      

Throughout his career, Stéphano has graced the stages of prestigious ballet companies world wide, leaving an indelible mark with his captivating performances. From his tenure with Smuin Contemporary Ballet to his roles with Atlanta Ballet and The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Stéphano's artistry has consistently enthralled audiences. He has portrayed a diverse range of roles, from principal to soloist, showcasing his versatility and depth as a dancer.                              

In addition to his accomplishments on stage, Stéphano's choreographic vision and leadership have garnered acclaim. As an International Guest Artist, he has collaborated with esteemed companies and choreographers, enriching the dance landscape with his creative insights. His repertoire as a choreographer encompasses a breadth of styles and themes, reflecting his dynamic approach to storytelling through movement.                                  

Stéphano's journey as an artist has been punctuated by notable achievements, including his representation of Brazil at the Seminario Internacional de Danca de Brasilia, where he earned a silver medal. Furthermore, his semifinalist placement at the2006 Prix de Lausanne Argentinian qualifications underscores his exceptional talent and potential.                                                        

In his current role as Artistic Director and Choreographer, Stéphano brings a wealth of experience and artistic vision to his creative endeavors. With a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and nurturing emerging talent, he continues to shape the future of dance, inspiring audiences and artists alike with his passion and creativity. Through his dedication to excellence and innovation, Stéphano Candreva remains a driving force in the world of dance, forging a legacy that resonates far beyond the stage.

“I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Ballet Pensacola as the new Artistic Director. It is a privilege to join such a vibrant arts community in Pensacola, and I am eager to share my passion for dance and the arts with our audiences. Through collaboration, creativity, and dedication, I look forward to bringing forth an artistic vision that not only inspires our talented dancers but also touches the hearts of everyone in our community. Together, let us celebrate the transformative power of art and create unforgettable experiences for all"