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Costume & Wardrobe Supervisor

Tiffany Nichols is a self-taught seamstress originally from central Connecticut. With a degree in communications, she began making costumes and clothing as a hobby outside of her career in telecommunications and later payroll / benefits.  Around 2010 Tiffany answered the call for volunteers with the wardrobe department for the Connecticut Concert Ballet (CCB) and quickly transitioned from sewing "hooks and eyes" to fitting dancers, making alterations and designing new costumes for their productions.  In 2013 Tiffany left the corporate world to become the Wardrobe Mistress at CCB where she stayed until relocating to the Gulf Coast in 2020. While in CT, Tiffany also provided costume support for the Modern Dance company DancEnlight, in addition to altering countless prom and bridesmaid dresses for members of the community. One costume she worked on even traveled the globe to perform at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games. Tiffany was thrilled to join Ballet Pensacola in the Spring of 2022 with the production of The Wizard of Oz and is looking forward to the 2022-2023 Season!